It’s that time of year!

Pre-Wedding Season is Engagement Shoot Season. In most of our Wedding packages, we offer Engagement Shoots. It kills me when people ask to remove the Engagement Shoot. Why? Oh, so many reasons why. Here are 7 good reasons to do an Engagement Shoot interspersed with photos from an Engagement Shoot we just did a few weeks ago with Billy & LeAnn:

Reason #1 –  It gives the couple the opportunity to get to know their Wedding Photographer(s) better & see how they work. It is vitally important to feel comfortable with your Photographer. On your Wedding Day, you will be nervous for other reasons. You don’t want to be nervous about the unknown territory of Wedding Photography. And many people are! I can’t tell you how many times, clients (especially Grooms) say that they are uncomfortable before their Engagement Shoot. But once we get started, they see how easy it is & they relax. I like to tell clients, we’re just going to walk, talk, laugh & in between all of that snap a few photos. On the Wedding Day, you won’t need to worry about the photography because you will already know what to expect – fun & the end result of beautiful photos!

Reason #2 – What a great time to get professional photos of you & your Fiancee outside of Wedding Photos. Most people just have professional Wedding Photos & then later maybe some when a new baby arrives. But there is just something special about having photos in your “everyday” clothes of just the two of you. Think how it will feel in 10 years, 20 years to look at them, to show them to your children.

Reason #3 – You can use them as Gifts for your Parents. Many clients order a lovely Engagement photo & give it to their Parents at either the Rehearsal Dinner or at the Wedding itself. Great idea, Parents love it!

Reason #4 – Use your Engagement photos for your Save the Date Cards or even your Wedding Invitations. Since our Studio also offers custom designed Wedding Invitations, many times we shoot the Engagement Session with the Invitations in mind. I love hearing our Brides tell us how their family & friends couldn’t send the RSVP back because it was so beautiful & of course, had their Engagement image on it :)  No recycle bin for those Invitations!

Reason #5 – Use your Engagement Images for Decoration at your Wedding. One of our Brides used a different Engagement Photo on each table with the table # on it. Another Bride put a 4×6 Engagement photo under the clear glass charger plate at each place setting. The Guests then got to take the photo home as a favor. And another Bride had framed Engagement Photos decorating the pre-reception cocktail hour. A great conversation starter!


Reason #6 – Frame a large Engagement Print (8×10 or larger) with a wide mat. Have your Guests sign around it instead of a guest book. It makes a wonderful Wedding Day memento to hang in your home later. My husband & I still walk by ours & fondly read the good wishes from 16 years ago.

Reason #7 – An Engagement Shoot allows your Photographer(s) to see how you & your fiancee interact, what your most flattering angles are & what type of posing you are most comfortable with. That is good information for your Photographer(s) to have before the Big Day.

This Engagement Shoot with LeAnn & Billy went beautifully, as you can see. They are using one of their images for their Invitation, one for their Signing Portrait & 5 images for 4×6 metallic prints to be used as Guest Favors. 
There are so many that they like that they are having a hard time choosing which ones to use for the Guest Favors. So, we thought we would ask everyone to help them choose.  What images do you think Billy & LeAnn should give to Family & Friends at their Wedding? Check out the dozen that they narrowed it down to on facebook & give us/them your picks: LeAnn & Billy’s Guest Favor Photos

And if you would like to see all 125 Images from their Engagement Shoot, please do! What a great variety they got from a pleasant 2 hour shoot :) See them here: LeAnn & Billy are getting married


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A new use for old trucks

Oh, gosh! I cannot believe how long it has been since we last made a blog post. The shame! Well, actually, I can’t feel too bad because it is Wedding Season which takes a tremendous amount of focus (pun intended :) & preparation.  It goes beyond just getting our equipment ready. There is so much more we do alongside our clients to assist them in creating an almost perfect day. But I am going to have to tell you about the Wedding Itineraries we build for every client, the Engagement Shoots, the Guest Cards & the Signing Portraits in another post. There is just so much good stuff to talk about & so little time! So, for today, I just simply wanted to share a fun & novel trend that came about this season: Trucks. Old, rusty, dirty, could never be driven, fantastic, retro, if a dashboard could talk Trucks.  We had several clients this year that wanted something outdoors & rustic for their Engagement Shoot.  My husband, Richard, is particularly good at sniffing out hidden gems &  folks are usually flattered when he knocks on their door for permission. But then there’s the old redneck who doesn’t want anybody on his private property & is ready to raise the rifle if he gets to 10 & you’re still there. The following images involved shooting with a camera & thankfully, not with a rifle. These are trucks that Richard stumbled upon & was able to “reuse” in a new way.  As you can see, the contrast of an old truck and a couple newly in love makes for a great photo!

The Golden Hour when the light is soft & warm, a perfect time for a kiss

– – – –  see more of Anna & Justin’s images  – – – –

Using the front of the truck, framed by broken headlights & adorned with chihuahuas

– – – – see more of Jenn & Zack’s images – – – –


A smooch over the bed of the truck, Jenn & Zack loved that the door says Elkton, Oregon since that is where they are getting hitched - - - - - see more of Jenn & Zack's images

– – – – see more of Jenn & Zack’s images – – – –


A new day on an old truck, we featured another truck pic of Carmen & Uriah in our Montana post

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The license plate & the truck grill are a nice backdrop as Iain & Nicole think about their future wedding - - - - - see more of Iain & Nicole's images

– – – – See more of Nicole & Iain’s images – – – –


Sneaking a little love thru an old truck window, Good job Nicole for being to get dirty for a great shot!


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BIG Sky Country LOVE!

While driving around the day before the Wedding, searching around for places to shoot I came across this winding road, I loved the sky and how expansive the valley was. It was by far the most peaceful place I had ever visited. It didn’t take much imagination to wonder what it was like when the Cowboys and Indians called this place home, because so much of it seemed like it hadn’t been touched…well with the exception of the power lines…..but I could easily be lost in this tranquility….

This destination Wedding was a blast, although would have been better had my wife come along, but I was on my own, out in the open prairie….but she was always on my mind.   When I first talked with Carmen about shooting her Wedding, I was really excited. Carmen is a Photojournalist, truly a talented Pro, so I knew her expectations would be high.

I knew nothing about the area, but  I always heard that Montana was an amazingly beautiful place. Coming from Oregon, it would have to be really amazing to impress me. I certainly was blown away!  The town of Pray, Montana is very small. The biggest thing going was the Chico Hot Springs, an Historical get away that boasts a full size pool, heated by a natural Hot Spring that is SO comfortable you don’t want to get out! A swim up bar and an amazing restaurant that has been featured in the national magazines and visited by big name Hollywood types. Going to Old Town Pray, was unlike any other old town I have ever witnessed. It took all of 3 minutes to find the old buildings that were boarded up and abandoned. Old trucks lined the gravel roads and a small creek ran through it. This is my kind of fun, I love old stuff, especially old trucks, blended with nature I was in my element!




I wonder what it was like back in the day, what year was this left on the side of the road?  I had more questions than answers, and nobody to turn to for info….if you continued up the one way dirt road it ran along the river as seen above. It led to a large lake, although I took it up about 1 mile I never got to the lake. The road got ruff and I had a brand new Suburban with only 186 miles on it and felt like I could easily damage it off roading….I went through a ton of mud and big rocks….wait was I covered by my insurance?  Could I get stuck up here and this truck would be abandoned, so that some Photographer would come by 75 years later and think it’s cool to photograph? I decided to turn it back, but it was certainly a very fun ride!

So the weather is much like Oregon’s, it is always changing without much notice. In hind sight I wonder what made Carmen choose that time of year outdoors in Montana. It was certainly beautiful, but we had rain a few days before and some just moments before the ceremony. But then the sun came out and it was just perfect, the snow caps on the top of the Mountains that outline the area were magnificent. Her father walked her down a gravel road to the Wedding site, the beauty of this location was complimented only by the Bride.

Just after the ceremony I took Carmen and Uriah to a grove of trees that were just a few hundred feet from the ceremony site. Another little creek ran through making for a picturesque location for their portraits. In this case, I had about 1 hour to shoot their Portraits. This included stopping off at the reception for us to grab a beer as we went to Old Town. They insisted that I have a beer with them, so we took one for the road and sipped between shots! I told them I never had a beer with clients during a shoot, nor have a driven with an open beer…..I know…….no comments needed!!

Here you can see the beautiful mountains, and Carmen can barely contain her happiness after Marrying the Man of her dreams! He carried her away into a field to get a better view of the snow covered mountains. Her smile and personality is infectious, she was on cloud nine and Uriah is clearly the source of her joy.

In this image, I brought the colors back a bit to lend to the vintage look,  I really enjoyed the series I shot from this location.  I didn’t need to give much direction, their attraction says it all.

I loved shooting this, it has a stark contrast of beauty and the ol’ rusty truck. I love the varying patina on the surface of the truck. Great job by the bride who had her friends work on putting the flowers together for the Wedding. The area certainly didn’t call for much embellishment, but it certainly adds to this image!

Boy was I relieved when she told me she was SO happy that she was jumping up and down with excitement when she saw her images.  But then again, so did I !

I can’t wait to go back someday with my wife and kids. :)


To see more images from Carmen and Uriah’s amazing Wedding day  go to: Big Sky Wedding


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Saying The I Do’s in Hawai’i

It is always a treat to photograph a Wedding & then a year or so down the line we are asked to photograph the sibling’s Wedding.  And as I am now writing this, I am remembering just how many we’ve done. Wow! I remember shooting Leslie’s Wedding & then Lindsey’s the following year. Amanda’s Wedding & then Ryanna’s the next year.  – That was neat too because not only did we photograph their Weddings but I designed both of their invitations (I’ll have to post those at a later time, Ryanna’s was a cowboy/rodeo theme!) Last summer, we photographed Kelsea’s Wedding & this July we will be shooting her sister, Kandice’s wedding.  Also, last summer we had the privilege of shooting the Wedding of Chris & Chelsea out at Paradise Springs in Monroe, Oregon. Here’s a photo collage from their Wedding:


Chelsea & Chris, Paradise Springs, Monroe, Oregon

Check out more of Chris & Chelsea’s Wedding photos out at Paradise Springs.


After Chris & Chelsea’s Wedding & I  mean immediately after, as in the reception wasn’t quite over yet, Chris’s sister, Shannon & her fiancee approached us about shooting their Wedding in Hawai’i in the spring.  Of course, that sounded exciting from the get go. Who doesn’t want to work in Hawai’i?!  But I have to say, since we had already gotten to know the family from Chris & Chelsea’s Wedding & then as we went down the road in meeting, emailing & planning w/Shannon & her Mom, Susie, we were even more excited.  This is a family that is so genuine & easy going.  They laugh & joke easily, they enjoy being around each other. We never saw pre-wedding stress rear it’s ugly head, we saw a family appreciating that they could all be together in such a beautiful place celebrating Shannon & Sean tying the knot. They made Richard & I feel welcome & a part of their celebration, much more than just hired vendors.  It was an amazing privilege to be a part of their Wedding.

The day before their Wedding, we went to Magic Sands Beach & did a pre-Wedding shoot. Shannon & Sean were great about doing whatever we asked of them. They climbed on the lava rocks, got wet in their clothes & endured an impromptu mock ceremony with a crazy local woman. (She approached us & we felt like we couldn’t or shouldn’t refuse  . . . interesting, have to post those pics next time)

This is a quick shot I took of Richard photographing our happy couple. (My Love photographing Love. I know, I’m corny but I did get a few butterflies when I saw him in that Frank Sinatra hat & those metro, white suede moccasins :)


Crissy's photo of Richard shooting Shannon & Sean



And now the resulting shot that Richard captured . . .


Crystal clear water, sand between your toes & True Love . . . what could be better? ♥ Richard used a slow shutter speed & a steady hand to capture the movement of the water, I love the way it adds to the intensity of the shot.



Now the funny part was when we all noticed that Richard & Sean just happened to wearing the exact same pair of shorts!  I had to get this pic with the two of them hamming it up a bit.  Sean’s  look darker because he was all wet from the previous shot (such a good sport!)  I should have made Richard jump in too just so they could continue being twinsies.




And then on the next day, Shannon & Sean got married at the beautiful Royal Kona Resort.  The staff there was very helpful & coordinated the day to go smoothly & without a hitch. Shannon’s Mom, Susie handled all of the decorating & did an incredible job. She was so organized, she had boxes of decorations shipped over in advance!

To get this shot, Richard climbed up on this tall, lava rock wall.  I regret not grabbing a quick shot of him perched up there with his camera, all adventure-guy like.  You can’t see me in this shot (whew! – I get in trouble when I manage to get into the background of a good shot)  I was shooting from a totally different perspective. -which, by the way,  is a great reason to have 2 photographers. I was stealth (& a bit trepidatious) as I balanced barefoot on a lava rock ledge behind the left curtain with the ocean & more rock behind me. I LOVED it! Danger & time-sensitive creativity, hello adrenaline rush! Okay, little tangent there. Anyway, What I enjoy about this shot was the wonderful way Richard made the focus to be the flowers at the very bottom of the frame. Your eyes naturally follow the flowers right up to the Bride & Groom.


Notice the cruise ship in the distance, that was their honeymoon cruise ship! It was as if it just decided to wait there for them. Okay, swim on out when you're done with the vows!


This shot was taken in the outdoor yet indoor lobby of the resort. The style of it really embodies Kona, relaxing & sophisticated at the same time. The columns add such depth.


Vows said, Marriage Certificate signed, relief & utter happiness has taken over!


The rest of Shannon & Sean’s Wedding Photos in this Hawaiian paradise are also quite wonderful, feel free to click on over & take a look :)  Happy Viewing!

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~ Richard’s Proposal ~ Eugene Magazine ~ The Latest Engagement Shoot

Richard proposes to Crissy


Richard & I will be celebrating our 15 year Anniversary next month. From the day we met, we’ve actually been together for almost 20 years! Seems like just yesterday when he tried to ply me with his smooth talk & ridiculously corny jokes. But I fell for them & here we are! When we meet new clients, we often ask how they met & how their proposal went down. Love hearing sweet, well-thought-out proposal stories. Richard did a pretty good job. He told me we were going to the Hotel Bel Air for lunch where they had a visiting Chef from Paris. Ok, I’m game, I appreciate fine dining & amazing food. Well, I was doing my usual take-forever-to-get-ready thing because hey, we were going into Beverly Hills & I wanted to look like I belonged there.  Richard was used to (although still didn’t like) my lengthy primping sessions so I was really thrown by how nervous & snappy he was that day.  I was finally ready & when we arrived, Richard began pulling out all of his camera equipment from the back of  his sporty, little bachelor Nissan 300zx. Camera? Why? He said he wanted to walk around the gardens first & photograph the pretty girl who took so long to get ready. Ok, flattering boyfriend, shoot me!  Still acting puzzlingly jumpy, he directed me to pose & then all at once, he was on one knee . . . mouth gaping, heart pounding, tears, hysterical laughter . . . I have no idea what he said, my hearing was suddenly gone.  Of course, while Richard was proposing he was shooting our entire engagement. Those photos are priceless to me. Maybe one of these days, I’ll post the rest of them. The one below is after I said yes :)  *sigh*    Never forget the moment the man I loved needed me in his life forever.


Richard used infrared film which turns everything green, white. I love the grainy effect it creates, has an ethereal look. Notice the cord by Richard's foot, he held the trigger in his right hand.


Eugene Magazine – The Wedding Edition

We were excited to find out in January that not only was a Roman Studios Wedding featured in The Eugene Magazine, Wedding Edition but Richard’s image made the cover!

For quite a while, it was hard to find the magazine in stock anywhere. Yesterday, my son & I were at Market of Choice & he suddenly pulled the magazine off the shelf & proclaimed, “Hey, my Dad is famous!” So, if you haven’t gotten your Eugene Magazine yet, get one quick before they all sell out again!

The metallic print on the left was displayed at the wedding show & then Brides were given the magazine as they walked in. Perfect!

Our Latest Engagement Shoot

Kim & Kinzie are getting married out at the lovely King Estate Winery, one of our favorite places to shoot. The environment changes just a little bit every year so each wedding season there are “fresh” backgrounds to shoot against, whether it’s in the surrounding landscape or the buildings themselves. For their Engagement shoot, Richard found this shabby yet cool, old garage for Kim & Kinzie to hang out in front of. Love the colors & the overgrown ivy, love the way they are looking at each other.

Look into each others eyes, what do you see?


And a kiss to seal the deal

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