Richard & Cristina (also known to each other as RickyFresh & Snow)


A little bit (or maybe too much!) about us . . .

+ We trust in God completely. We’ve been through a lot together since the day we were married – difficult family situations, wonderful family relationships, a very sick baby, healthy babies, cancer, healing, car accidents, good outcomes – It keeps us grateful, seeking the right kind of joy & always praying to the Almighty God.

+ We have 3 loud but amazing boys – The best thing in the world is eating dinner all together as a family – it’s not always peaceful but it’s the stuff life is made of, for sure!

+ We loooove good coffee – shot an awesome wedding in Hawai’i & drank the real deal Kona coffee at neat little spot on the beach – perfection!

+ We also love a good craft brew – there’s a craft brewery just below our studio so we usually chat with clients over some good beer – we always have fun!

+ Richard’s favorite smell is the interior of his 1969 Chevy Camaro . He bought it when we lived in L.A.

+ I left my home in Kansas & went to Hollywood to be an actress when I was just 17 – that’s where I found out that I really needed Jesus!

+ Richard used to shoot a lot of old skool rappers – Snoop Dog, Too Short, Tupac (two of his photos are in the movie, Resurrection), Easy E. He finally quit when the violence surrounding it became too much. So, we switched it up to weddings – still a bit stressful but not usually a life or death scenario going on.

+ In Los Angeles, I spent tons o’ money on a few years of acting classes, voice control lessons & headshots. I paid my dues working as a waitress. I acted in 2 commercials & realized I didn’t want to be actress.

+ Richard is that “right place, right time” guy. He got in (like walked in as though he belonged – uh, Secret Service?) to photograph both Al Gore & President Obama. Oh & even more notable, he photographed O.J. wearing “the gloves” just 6 months before the murders. He was even subpoenaed to testify in the trial of the century for one of his O.J. photos – crazy, right?!

+ Along with photography, I love designing paper goods – things for Weddings, Babies, Seniors, Businesses – My design process starts out with a lot of thought, usually some Ella Fitzgerald or the like, a fun sketch book & good pencils – then I run wild with ideas!

+ Richard makes incredible salsa. It is so deliciously potent. We use it as our flu shot. Really. We have dragon breath (& a bulk supply of Altoids) but rarely ever get sick! It is so tasty that he makes it in mass quantities to distribute to his salsa followers.

+ I love Love. I have watched Pride & Prejudice many, many times & still get that starry-eyed face when Mr. Darcy looks at Elizabeth & says, “You have bewitched me body and soul and I love – I love – I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.” Gah. Gets me every time.

+ Richard is an avid football fan & has loved the Raiders since he was a boy. He is football thru & thru. He know player stats, info about their colleges, the combine, the draft, all of it. It’s impressive. He is known for setting up an X’s & O’s game plan for how we shoot each wedding.

+ I adore old movies. Some of my favorites: An Affair to remember (unrealistic but still so romantic), The Quiet Man (such a crush on John Wayne), Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner (way ahead of it’s time), Breakfast at Tiffany’s (a classic though politically incorrect these days but Audrey is so fabulous!)

Well, if Richard & I get to meet you in person, we are a bit chatty (okay, it’s really me) but we’re also a good listeners so feel free to strike up a conversation – we’re always in for a juicy story or two :)