It’s that time of year!

Pre-Wedding Season is Engagement Shoot Season. In most of our Wedding packages, we offer Engagement Shoots. It kills me when people ask to remove the Engagement Shoot. Why? Oh, so many reasons why. Here are 7 good reasons to do an Engagement Shoot interspersed with photos from an Engagement Shoot we just did a few weeks ago with Billy & LeAnn:

Reason #1 –  It gives the couple the opportunity to get to know their Wedding Photographer(s) better & see how they work. It is vitally important to feel comfortable with your Photographer. On your Wedding Day, you will be nervous for other reasons. You don’t want to be nervous about the unknown territory of Wedding Photography. And many people are! I can’t tell you how many times, clients (especially Grooms) say that they are uncomfortable before their Engagement Shoot. But once we get started, they see how easy it is & they relax. I like to tell clients, we’re just going to walk, talk, laugh & in between all of that snap a few photos. On the Wedding Day, you won’t need to worry about the photography because you will already know what to expect – fun & the end result of beautiful photos!

Reason #2 – What a great time to get professional photos of you & your Fiancee outside of Wedding Photos. Most people just have professional Wedding Photos & then later maybe some when a new baby arrives. But there is just something special about having photos in your “everyday” clothes of just the two of you. Think how it will feel in 10 years, 20 years to look at them, to show them to your children.

Reason #3 – You can use them as Gifts for your Parents. Many clients order a lovely Engagement photo & give it to their Parents at either the Rehearsal Dinner or at the Wedding itself. Great idea, Parents love it!

Reason #4 – Use your Engagement photos for your Save the Date Cards or even your Wedding Invitations. Since our Studio also offers custom designed Wedding Invitations, many times we shoot the Engagement Session with the Invitations in mind. I love hearing our Brides tell us how their family & friends couldn’t send the RSVP back because it was so beautiful & of course, had their Engagement image on it :)  No recycle bin for those Invitations!

Reason #5 – Use your Engagement Images for Decoration at your Wedding. One of our Brides used a different Engagement Photo on each table with the table # on it. Another Bride put a 4×6 Engagement photo under the clear glass charger plate at each place setting. The Guests then got to take the photo home as a favor. And another Bride had framed Engagement Photos decorating the pre-reception cocktail hour. A great conversation starter!


Reason #6 – Frame a large Engagement Print (8×10 or larger) with a wide mat. Have your Guests sign around it instead of a guest book. It makes a wonderful Wedding Day memento to hang in your home later. My husband & I still walk by ours & fondly read the good wishes from 16 years ago.

Reason #7 – An Engagement Shoot allows your Photographer(s) to see how you & your fiancee interact, what your most flattering angles are & what type of posing you are most comfortable with. That is good information for your Photographer(s) to have before the Big Day.

This Engagement Shoot with LeAnn & Billy went beautifully, as you can see. They are using one of their images for their Invitation, one for their Signing Portrait & 5 images for 4×6 metallic prints to be used as Guest Favors. 
There are so many that they like that they are having a hard time choosing which ones to use for the Guest Favors. So, we thought we would ask everyone to help them choose.  What images do you think Billy & LeAnn should give to Family & Friends at their Wedding? Check out the dozen that they narrowed it down to on facebook & give us/them your picks: LeAnn & Billy’s Guest Favor Photos

And if you would like to see all 125 Images from their Engagement Shoot, please do! What a great variety they got from a pleasant 2 hour shoot :) See them here: LeAnn & Billy are getting married


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