A new use for old trucks

Oh, gosh! I cannot believe how long it has been since we last made a blog post. The shame! Well, actually, I can’t feel too bad because it is Wedding Season which takes a tremendous amount of focus (pun intended :) & preparation.  It goes beyond just getting our equipment ready. There is so much more we do alongside our clients to assist them in creating an almost perfect day. But I am going to have to tell you about the Wedding Itineraries we build for every client, the Engagement Shoots, the Guest Cards & the Signing Portraits in another post. There is just so much good stuff to talk about & so little time! So, for today, I just simply wanted to share a fun & novel trend that came about this season: Trucks. Old, rusty, dirty, could never be driven, fantastic, retro, if a dashboard could talk Trucks.  We had several clients this year that wanted something outdoors & rustic for their Engagement Shoot.  My husband, Richard, is particularly good at sniffing out hidden gems &  folks are usually flattered when he knocks on their door for permission. But then there’s the old redneck who doesn’t want anybody on his private property & is ready to raise the rifle if he gets to 10 & you’re still there. The following images involved shooting with a camera & thankfully, not with a rifle. These are trucks that Richard stumbled upon & was able to “reuse” in a new way.  As you can see, the contrast of an old truck and a couple newly in love makes for a great photo!


The Golden Hour when the light is soft & warm, a perfect time for a kiss

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Using the front of the truck, framed by broken headlights & adorned with chihuahuas

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A smooch over the bed of the truck, Jenn & Zack loved that the door says Elkton, Oregon since that is where they are getting hitched - - - - - see more of Jenn & Zack's images

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A new day on an old truck, we featured another truck pic of Carmen & Uriah in our Montana post

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The license plate & the truck grill are a nice backdrop as Iain & Nicole think about their future wedding - - - - - see more of Iain & Nicole's images

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Sneaking a little love thru an old truck window, Good job Nicole for being to get dirty for a great shot!


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